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I'm developing an science app, and I have an EditText in wich I must enter an input numeric value, so the inputType is "number|numberSigned|numberDecimal", but the problem is when I want input a scientific notation number like "45.6E05", I can't input "E" character because of EditText's InputType.

How can to allow "E" character and only to show a numerical keyboard when the EditText is focused?

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If you are asking how to show the System keyboard with numbers and letter E, then you can't do that. – iturki Nov 29 '12 at 22:03
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There is no way to show the numerical keyboard with an extra letter E on it, two ways around this are either make a button that inputs E to your edittext or to use the android:digits attribute like such:


Where all the characters in the brackets are the ones that you want the user to be able to input

To make do it using a button, in its onClickListener you just need to put the following code

edittext.setText(edittext.getText().toString() + "E"

In the other hand if you want to insert the character in the position of the cursor then you should try this (taken from here)

int start =edittext.getSelectionStart();
String s = "E";
edittext.getText().insert(start, s);
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android:digits="1234567890E." is exactly what I want! It works perfect! Thank you! – TheChemicalB0y Nov 29 '12 at 23:55

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