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I have spent time looking through each of the proposed solutions to the problem of adjusting user input strings as they type to format a large number to have comma separators:

9999999999 --> 9,999,999,999 and so on.

There are several discussions here on stack overflow:

how to print number with commas as thousands separators in Javascript

Adding comma as thousands separator (javascript) - output being deleted instead

and many more related queries, I've tested those that I could find, and they worked well for numbers up to a power of 4 or 5, eg 12,345 comes out nicely,

But larger numbers end up with far too many commas:


for example is the output of the code I currently have implemented. (It also registers backspace as a key stroke, so when I backspace three times it adds a comma...)

function numberWithCommas(n){
    var s=n.split('.')[1];
    (s) ? s="."+s : s="";
    return n+s

and then on the input:


Am I using the function incorrectly? Or is it simply not viable for larger numbers. Is there a way it can be adjusted to work for any size of number?

Thanks in advance

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Just for fun, you can use a regex to do it: –  Zirak Nov 30 '12 at 15:52

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You are just adding comas to a value which already as commas after the first iteration... You should just reset the commas at the beginning of your function numberWithCommas:

n = n.replace(/,/g, "");
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So simple, so many hours of me trying to figure this out >_< one day I will understand enough to not have to beat my face against a problem for so long :) Thanks very much - works perfectly. –  Gideon Nov 29 '12 at 22:33

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