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This program prints 2^3 times hi and exits Isn't it that fork call calls main function recursively?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])


    return 0;
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It's not recursive and it doesn't keep forking indefinitely. That's why it doesn't fork bomb. Fork doesn't cause main to be called. What fork does is create a copy of the current process state and return 0 from the fork call to the child copy and the process id to the parent.

Walking through your program, it creates exactly 7 copies of the original, making for a total of 8 calls to puts("hi").

original   copy 1    copy 2    copy 3    copy 4    copy 5    copy 6    copy 7 
fork 1 --> created
fork 2 ------------> created
fork 3 ----------------------> created
"hi"                           "hi"
            fork 2 --------------------> created
            fork 3 ------------------------------> created
            "hi"                                   "hi"
                     fork 3 -------------------------------> created
                     "hi"                                    "hi"
                                         fork 3 ----------------------> created
                                         "hi"                           "hi"
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You answered it yourself. fork() does not call main(). One process calls fork() but two processes return (well, we're assuming no error)

So, fork()-1 is called, and returns twice (one in parent, one in child). They both move to the next statement.

Then fork()-2 is called twice (one in parent, one in child) and both calls return twice, again, one in parent(s) one in child(ren).

Then fork()-3 is called, this time 4 times, and 8 returns. They all print, and you get all the 'hihihihihihihihi' sent to your screen.

Please look at the man page for fork.

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