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I have two columns.

The left column contains text of dynamic lengths.

The right column is of fixed height and will contain a set of images selected at random per page load.

I am trying to create an effect where while the user scrolls, the Image 2 scrolls above Image 1. When it reaches the top, the Image 1 begins to scroll up until it disappears, then Image 3 comes in and repeats the process.

As this is rather confusing, I made a short video describing the desired effect.

Video - MP4

I have begun trying to get it working in this jsbin but am at a loss for when the user scrolls back down and also when more images are required. I am thinking my current path is not the right direction. I'm thinking that employing something like jQuery waypoints is more the direction I should be pursuing?

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Your video link is not working. Also, could you possible create this example of JSFiddle? It would be a lot easier for people to see what's going on :) – TNCodeMonkey Nov 30 '12 at 16:36
Hi, I fixed the video link, the example is in the jsbin above. – waffl Dec 6 '12 at 19:16

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