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I am trying to compile a Linux kernel version (linux- for my Debian machine. The first step was to create a configuration file (.config) by typing:

make xconfig

Once the configuration file was created, I simply ran make, to build the image kernel and modules. Up to that point no problem.

However, when installing the modules (.ko files), I type:

make modules_install

which instead of installing the newly compiled modules, brings a command line configuration setup, which is incorrect (the configuration file was already created).

Any ideas what is causing the configuration to be restarted?


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Btw, CONFIG_MODULES is set to y in my .config file. –  Leonardo Passos Nov 29 '12 at 22:49

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The issue was caused because of a development environment variable in my O.S setting ARCH to be i386 (that was required for running some infrastructure in our office). Since my kernel runs in a 64-bit processor and xconfig relies on a variable with the same name, the resulting .config file was being generated for a 32-bit architecture, and so was the whole compilation process. In the end, this was causing the installation error (which is indeed expected).

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