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I have several routes that are different, but contain similar parameters.

when '/user/:accountId/charts/:chartType', controller:ChartsController
when '/manager/:accountId/charts/:chartType', controller:ChartsController
when '/whatever/pathy/paththingy/charts/:chartType', controller:ChartsController

Notice all three views use the same Charts Controller to control the view. Its a fairly generic controller but it needs toggle between available chartTypes... while keeping the rest of the route.

if my currrent url is '/user/001/charts/comparison'
Then I call something like:
$route.current.params.chartType = 'newChart';
$route.reload(); // or soemthing similar?
I want the url to become '/user/001/charts/newChart'

Does anyone have any idea how to easily update parameters of a route without completely re-typeing or rebuilding the route path?

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Well, the following doesn't update the URL based on the position of route parameters, but if you just need to change the last part of the current URL/path and then go there, you could try this:

var newPath = location.path().replace(/\/[^\/]+$/, '/newChart');
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Thanks for reply. I can do regex and rebuild url yes. But was wondering if there was an easy way with angular. If I need to replace :accountId in the example above.... I'd have to write much more complicated regex –  Nawlbergs Nov 30 '12 at 18:57
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