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BufReadCmd is very useful for loading remote files, e.g. when you :e protocol://some/file.txt

The trick comes when you want to set filetype=text after you finish BufReadCmd. This is hard to do in the general case.

Ideally, all filetypes would be in ftplugin/filetype.vim and you could (potentially) fix this by cycling filetype off | filetype on. In practice, many filetypes are detected by the BufRead event. Furthermore, many plugins add functionality to certain filetypes using the BufRead event.

So if I want remote files to have the same functionality as local files I really need to fire the BufRead event after I'm finished handling the BufReadCmd event. How can I do this?

(Note: Yes, I know about scp and remote editing features. They can't be used here. I need something that works generally post-BufReadCmd.)

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You should be able to use the :doautocmd command for that:

:doauto BufRead

You can also specify what file name should be used for pattern matching by the autocommands in case that differs from what vim would detect by itself.

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