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I have included the assets described in this ticket, and the Underscore variables work except when inside tags. I can not get variables to render inside dynamic tags data-id=someidfor doing things onClick with Backbone events.

In standard HTML:

<script type="text/template" id="template-action1-thing">
   <td class="action-td" style="width: 10%;">
      <button id="do-remove" data-id="<%= obj.id %>">X</button>             

With (Scalate) Jade, which doesn't work:

script(id='template-action1-thing' type='text/template')
  p <%= obj.id %> Will render
    td.action-td(style='width: 10%;')
      button(id='do-remove' data-id='<%= obj.id %>') 
        | X

If I do this, the actual html renders with the variable properly, though incorrectly:

tr td(style='width: 10%;') button(id='do-remove_thing' data-id='myid') X

With a template like:

script(id='template-action1-thing' type='text/template')
  |   td.action-td(style='width: 10%;')
  |     button(id='do-remove_thing' data-id='<%= obj.id %>') X 
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Try adding a | to beginning of every line in your template as this gist seems to suggest. – philipvr Nov 30 '12 at 0:02
I wish! Updated question. – Frank LoVecchio Nov 30 '12 at 0:14
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If you want to use an underscore template in jade you need change to template to look like this:

script(id='template-action1-thing' type='text/template')
  | <tr>
  |   <td class="action-td" style="width: 10%;">
  |     <button id="do-remove" data-id="<%= obj.id %>">X</button>             
  |   </td>
  | </tr>

Or you could look at using jade templates instead of underscore templates.

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Oh, standard HTML. Got it! – Frank LoVecchio Nov 30 '12 at 0:44
I should have been more clear in my original comment :) – philipvr Nov 30 '12 at 0:46

I know this question has already been answered, but in searching for a more eloquent solution, I found that this also works:

script(type='text/html', id='tpl-name')
  h3!='<%= foo %>'
  p!='<%= bar %>'

This allows you to keep using Jade syntax.

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Now we can use script. to insert a block of plain text as described here: http://jade-lang.com/reference/plain-text/.

script(id='template-action1-thing' type='text/template').
       <td class="action-td" style="width: 10%;">
          <button id="do-remove" data-id="<%= obj.id %>">X</button>             
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