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How can I wait for a void async method to finish its job?

for example, I have a function like below:

async void LoadBlahBlah()
    await blah();

now I want to make sure that everything has been loaded before continuing somewhere else.

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If you can change the signature of your function to async Task then you can use the code presented here

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Best practice is to declare function "void async" only if it fire and forget method, if you want to await on, you should declare as "async task".

In case if you still want to wait then you can wrap it as "await Task.Run(() => blah())"

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thank you ! this helped me –  Rockster May 22 at 22:43

The best solution is to use async Task. You should avoid async void for several reasons, one of which is composability.

If the method cannot be made to return Task (e.g., it's an event handler), then you can use SemaphoreSlim to have the method signal when it is about to exit. Consider doing this in a finally block.

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do a AutoResetEvent, call the function then wait on AutoResetEvent and then set it inside async void when you know it is done.

You can also wait on a Task that returns from your void async

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You don't really need to do anything manually, await keyword pauses the function execution until blah() returns.

private async void SomeFunction()
     var x = await LoadBlahBlah(); <- Function is paused
     //do more stuff when LoadBlahBlah() returns

private async Task<T> LoadBlahBlah()
     return await blah();  <- function is paused

T is type of object blah() returns

You can't really await a void function so LoadBlahBlah() cannot be void

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I want to wait for LoadBlahBlah() to finish, not blah() –  MBZ Nov 30 '12 at 1:28
@MBZ updated answer –  Mayank Nov 30 '12 at 1:33
Unfortunately async void methods do not pause execution (unlike async Task methods) –  ghord Jul 11 '13 at 9:57

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