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This question is related to Appending multiple config arrays in PhalconPHP

I am trying to get retrieve an object from the DI using the get method.

The object is being set like this

// $new_array the array with the merged data. Load it in a 
// \Phalcon\Config object
$config = new \Phalcon\Config($new_array);

//Store the config in your DI container for easier use
$di->set('config', $config);

And this is the error message I am getting when I call

$new_array = $di->get('config');

[Uncaught exception 'Phalcon\DI\Exception' with message 'Invalid service definition. Missing 'className' parameter']

I have been stuck on this for a few days now so would greatly appreciate any help I can get.

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Try this instead in the set:

$di->set('config', function() {
   return new \Phalcon\Config($new_array);
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It looks like you're doing $di->set('config', $new_array); instead of $di->set('config', $config); :)

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