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I want to create a simple web based form that enables the user

  • to enter a lost and found entry consisting of Date, Time, Item description.

  • I want the data to be stored in a spreadsheet somewhere.

  • I want the user to have a web based way to browse and search the data , be it on some google spreadsheet like object or some webpage like object

  • Add Date of pickup entry to an existing record once it is picked up.

I dont know how to program in any language (just mathematica) but I am smart and I can mimic something simple. This doesn't have to be very sharp or professional. Just spartan and functional.

I have seen people use google forms to add game scores and view results, rankings etc on google spreadsheet. I have not seen any functionality that enables users modify existing entries.

Any advice on how to proceed will be appreciated.

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I would use PHP5.1+ with SQLite as the database OR "php simplexml" as a database. You can use a simple "PHP contact form" as a template for your project and then hack it to work like you need it. Also, you can use a PHP ODBC driver to connect to a actual spreadsheet in MS Office.

Start with this link.

Also, I found a open source AJAX/PHP spreadsheet, is this one.

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Using Google Forms and Google Docs Spreadsheet sounds reasonable. This google blog post should help you get started:

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