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Trying to get previous values from the object on save. Think of this scenario:

@object = {:name => 'Dan', :occupation => 'student'}
@object[:occupation] = 'Full time employee'
@object.value_was[:occupation] # => 'student'

I hope it is understandable enough that there is no method value_was. More over I would like to do the same on model objects:

@student = Student.find(1)
@student.occupation = 'Full time employee'
@student.value_was(:occupation) # => 'student'

Any help will be appreciated.

That would be really helpful

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ActiveModel includes support for "dirty field marking", which preserves before and after states for changed fields.

You can use @student.occupation_was to get the previous value of occupation, and @student.occupation_changed? to get whether the value has changed or not.

This only works BEFORE the save, as saving resets the changed states of the values. However, you could capture this data in a before_save callback if you need to use it after a record has been saved. You can preserve all of the changes by duplicating #changed_attributes in a before_save, for example, then query on them.

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Great answer! Also do you know how to get changed object, that would be awesome! for example new object: @student #=> {:name => 'Dan', :occupation => 'Full time employee' and by calling the method that i was not able to find in the dirty field marking get - @student.was #=> {:name => 'Dan', :occupation => 'student'} –  Jackie Chan Nov 30 '12 at 5:00
You'll want @student.previous_changes, which should return a list of what was changed by the save. –  Chris Heald Nov 30 '12 at 5:18
gives back an empty hash {} –  Jackie Chan Nov 30 '12 at 6:51

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