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Does anyone know how to run a number of processes in the background either through a job queue or parallel processing.

I have a number of maintenance updates that take time to run and want to do this in the background.

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I would recomment Gearman server, it prooved quite stable, it's totally outside of Symfony2, and you have to have server up and running (don't know what your hosting options are), but it distribues jobs perfectly. In skiniest version, it just keeps all jobs in-memory, but you can configure it to use sqlite database as backup, so for any reason server reboots, or gearman deamon breaks, you can just start it again, and your jobs will be perserved. I konw it has been tested with very large loads (adding up 1k jobs per second), and it stood it's ground. It's probably more stable nowdays, I'm speaking from experience 2 yrs ago, where we offloaded some long-running tasks in ZF application to background processing via Gearman. It should be quite self-explanitory how it works from image below:

enter image description here

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github.com/mmoreram/GearmanBundle –  mmoreram Sep 10 '13 at 19:12

Checkout RabbitMq. It's the most popular option according to knpbundles.com

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Take a look at http://github.com/mmoreram/rsqueue-bundle

Uses Redis as queue core and will be mantained.

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