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I have three android phones for development. A Galaxy S, a Galaxy S3, and an HTC one X. On the S and the HTC, my app works fine. However, on the S3, there is a strange bug.

I open a Dialog in the main activity, and then dismiss() it. Then I go forward to another activity. Then I press the back button, and, for some reason, the onPrepareDialog() method of the main activity runs, with the closed Dialog as it's argument. This will either do nothing (from the point of view of the user), or it might crash, because onPrepareDialog() expects the app to be in a certain state that it isn't in such a circumstance.

Now, obviously, I shouldn't be letting it lose a good state like that, or I should be handling when it does. I will fix the issues regardless of the answer to this question. But Why is the onPrepareDialog() method being called in the first place, and why is it only causing problems on the S3?

(I have just realised it's possible that the S3 is not the only one running the method, and instead is the only one that's losing state, but I don't actually have any real idea.)

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