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I'd like to create a series of online cognitive psychology experiments that will assess participants' reaction times in responding to various stimuli. The problem, however, is that I'm not sure what the best language for this task is (e.g., Java, JavaScript, or something else). I've considered using Java, but I don't like the fact that study participants would have to download the Java plugin (this may lead to a higher dropout rate). This isn't a deal breaker, though. Overall, my main question is: when keeping users' OS, internet browsers, and hardware constant, is there any one language that outperforms the rest in terms of timing accuracy?

Beside timing, the language I end up using must make it possible to save users' reaction time data to a web server and provide a graphical toolkit that will allow the creation of computer game-like experiments (I know Java and JavaScript are capable of doing the latter).

Thanks in advance for your help!

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These days, JavaScript (or languages which compile to JS) is pretty much the only web language. – Matt Ball Nov 30 '12 at 1:06
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If you want it to work without the need for users to install any plugins, then Javascript is the answer. Flash would be a possible choice, but it doesn't work on iOS devices. You can send and receive data from the server using AJAX (which is basically Javascript)

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I'd strongly recommend using JavaScript for your test. You can easily collect the results from several tests locally and then once the test is complete, you can post the results to a website to record for subsequent analysis, reporting, etc.

FWIW, you may want to take a look at the code behind this site:

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