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Am I trying to get the children elements of a div to not be draggable. And so far I have to manually enter every disabled:true events which is being a pain. Any way to select all elemtents to not be draggable only the main element I selected?

$(function() {
    $( "#profile-advanced-right div" ).draggable();
$( "#profile-advanced-left div" ).draggable();
$( ".main-head" ).draggable({disabled:true});
$( ".main-content" ).draggable({disabled:true});
$( ".h3" ).draggable({disabled:true});
$( ".subtitle" ).draggable({disabled:true});

that is what I have had so far, the html is something like

<div id="profile-advanced-right">
  <div class="module main">
    <div class="main-head">
  <span class="h3">Title</span>
 <div class="main-content">
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I think you can prevent child elements from being draggable using draggable's cancel property, which uses jQuery selector syntax. To prevent all child elements from being draggable you could use:

$('#profile-advanced-right').draggable({ cancel: '#profile-advanced-right' > * });
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try the children() method, editing your code example, something like:

$(function() {
    $("#profile-advanced-right div").draggable();
    $("#profile-advanced-left div").draggable();
    $("#profile-advanced-right div").children().draggable({disabled:true});
    $("#profile-advanced-left div").children().draggable({disabled:true});

more info

Not knowing your desired UX, you may also consider using a handle on only the element(s) that you want draggable:

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works better, yes, but some elements are not being disabled. Do you think maybe a siblings? though that would create some divs to not work. – EasyBB Dec 1 '12 at 0:33
i got everything to work as needed. I had to manually disable some things but that's ok. Thank you Jim Frenette! – EasyBB Dec 1 '12 at 0:44

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