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I have a form with a dropdown that has different dollar amount... $50, $100, etc. The problem is jQuery doesn't recognize $50 as 50, and I can't figure out how to use a regex or some other method to filter out the dollar sign in front of the $50 so I can multiply two values (that value * an input field).

After the two values are multiplied, I'm trying to append the total to the span with the id of total.

EDIT: I can't edit the HTML.


<span class="Amount">
    <select name="Amount" class="wpcf7-form-control  wpcf7-select">
        <option value="$50">$50</option>
        <option value="$75">$75</option>
        <option value="$100">$100</option>
        <option value="$150">$150</option>
        <option value="$300">$300</option>

<span class="Qty">
    <input type="text" name="Qty" size="2" maxlength="2">

<span id="total">total: </span>


$('.Qty input').keyup(function() {
    var quantity = parseFloat($(this).val());

    //this returns NaN
    var dollars = $('span.Amount select').val();

    $('#total').text((quantity * dollars )); 
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You just have to remove the '$'

$('.Qty input').keyup(multiply);
$('span.Amount select').change(multiply);
function multiply() {
    var quantity = parseFloat($('.Qty input').val());

    var dollars = $('span.Amount select').val().substr(1);

    $('#total').text('$'+(quantity * dollars )); 

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how do i make it multiply when the drop down is changed as well? – Kegan Quimby Nov 30 '12 at 16:42
@KeganQuimby see update – Musa Nov 30 '12 at 18:49
nice thanks! JS noobie... shoulda wrapped that in a function years ago.. thx – Kegan Quimby Dec 1 '12 at 17:56

Just don't have the $ in your field value. That is just a display decoration for your amount and should not be in the value you work with or POST to the web server to work with.

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oh crap, sorry forgot to add: I can't change the form, only the js – Kegan Quimby Nov 30 '12 at 2:07
You should add to original question. – Mike Brant Nov 30 '12 at 2:17

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