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I have this basic model:

class User(auth_models.User):
username = ndb.StringProperty()
email = ndb.StringProperty()
first_name = ndb.StringProperty()
last_name = ndb.StringProperty()
employee_start_date = ndb.DateProperty()

However, when I create the user:

success, obj = self.auth.store.user_model.create_user(
    "auth:"+ username,
    unique_properties = ['email'],
    email = emailaddress,
    first_name = firstname,
    last_name = lastname,
    employee_start_date = startdate)

I get the following error:

NotImplementedError: Property employee_start_date does not support <type 'datetime.date'> types.

(Note: creating the user is successful if I don't include the employee_start_date)

Now, from what I can tell by searching the internet, this is because the user_model is an expando model, and for some reason it doesn't support date fields. However, I don't know that for sure.

I also tried adding it immediately after creating the user, but I get the same error message with this:

obj.employee_start_date = startdate

Is there a way to add a date property to this user model?

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The startdate value that you try to assign to employee_start_date is not of type date, but datetime. In order for your code to work, you have two options:

1) Change employee_start_date to datetime:

employee_start_date = ndb.DateTimeProperty()

2) Make startdate variable as date and not datetime.

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to use your own User class, make sure to set

config = {'webapp2_extras.auth':{
    'user_model': 'your_auth.User'

for the webapp2.WSGIApplication config argument

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