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I'm using a windows machine for local development and I'd like to install php_svn so I can write some code in php that provides an svn interface for a web app so that the client can download all their files easily. The php4win site is down, and I can't find the php_svn.dll anywhere and running pecl.bat install svn doesnae work either. "The DSP svn.dsp could not be found" I'd be very grateful if anyone has any information on how I can install this php extension on windows, and the /pierre site doesn't seem to contain the php_svn extension within it.

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Just by doing a few quick searches on your request, I couldn't find it, either. It looks like you'll either have to compile the library for Windows, yourself, or try the method that Björn mentions on this answer.

Alin, thanks for your effort. I ended up with using the svn command line client directly from php. Like this $Res = svn --non-interactive ls -R -v "file:///C:/Proj/Svn/..." and then parsing the result string.

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