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Wow, this is totally confusing and the dojo 1.8 documentation seems a complete clusterf**k around build layers. Anybody have a clue what's going on there?

In the build script example profiles, the example amd.profile.js has profile.layers["dojo/dojo"] and the tutorial follows this same syntax.

Besides the tutorial, in the 1.8 build documentation there is no mention of this kind of structure, but of profile.dependencies.layers[n].

The documentation also references non-AMD syntax and, just to add another "layer" of confusion, there's also a profile.dependencies.layers[n].dependencies.

Which should I be using? Is this actually documented anywhere with any consistency or clarity?

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I have learned that the Dojo 1.8 Reference Guide contains obsolete information regarding build profiles, but that the Dojo 1.8 Build tutorial is current:

That tutorial recommends this blog post for more information about layers and build optimization:

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