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I am having a bit of trouble with reloading my tableView which is set in a UIViewController.

  • It is populated with CoreData (This works)
  • It is also got a custom TableViewCell for some design purposes

Now normally what I would use is this : [_mainTableView reloadData];

That does not work this time.

Is this because of the custom Cell or is Core Data's FetchRequest which loads fine initially and shows the data when I relaunch the app??

I have seen several questions and tutorials on SO and Google, but none of them seem to work in my case.

I have also explored these methods:

- (void)controllerWillChangeContent:(NSFetchedResultsController *)controller
    [self.tableView beginUpdates];

- (void)controllerDidChangeContent:(NSFetchedResultsController *)controller
    [self.tableView endUpdates];

found here: beignUpdates

Any advice is appreciated.

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So you have verified that the updated data is coming from Core Data, and but it is not getting to the tableview, correct? –  David Brunow Nov 30 '12 at 2:33
Yes Correct:-) I have checked in the app by restarting it and also in Firefox with SQLite plugin –  Jeff Kranenburg Nov 30 '12 at 2:56
Where are you calling reloadData? –  David Brunow Nov 30 '12 at 3:08
viewWillAppear method –  Jeff Kranenburg Nov 30 '12 at 3:16

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Have you synthesized your table view? Please try this:

[self.mainTableView reloadData];

Hope, it'll work. And, since you reload it at viewWillAppear, please sure that neither it allocate new times nor it's delegate/datasource assign again, if it is then, first time, do something like that:

_mainTableView.delegate = nil; _mainTableView.delegate = self;//similarly, for datasource...

And, you need to explicitly call your viewWillAppear(I suppose you're already doing this.)

Please let me know in any concern.


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Thank you for the input, I finally got it sorted.

Instead of calling the [_mainTableView reloadData] I had to call the fetchmethod again.

    if (_managedObjectContext == nil)
    _managedObjectContext = [(AppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate] managedObjectContext];
    NSLog(@"After _managedObjectContext: %@", _managedObjectContext);

[self setupFetchedResultsController];
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