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For example, in my console, I have output such as :

2012-11-29 21:25:40.696 Program[31053:707] -[Staff Shifts]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x107d6fdd0
2012-11-29 21:25:40.697 Program[31053:707] Exception detected while handling key input.

I was wondering if there's an easy way to find out where this is from?

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The debug console can only tell you so much. According to the error, you are trying to access a selector (possibly) within the class Staff that isn't recognized by the instance of that class.

You could, however, use this bit of information to set a breakpoint within that class and step over methods until the exception reoccurs. Then you could set a breakpoint at that method and step into it until you find the problem.

You could also use gdb po at runtime to check for nil/unexpected objects.

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The [Staff Shifts] might indicate that you have a class named [Staff Shifts] in your code that is causing the error. An unrecognized selector means that you have the following:

selector: @selector(FunctionName:)

But the function FunctionName: doesn't exist...

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