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I am creating an applescript application in xcode 4 and am asking for some guidance. I have done a great deal of reading and scouring the internet but cannot find the answer I am looking for. I have a main window with a textbox and a button. I would like to be able to substitute hostname123 for the text in the textbox so that the command is: do shell script "sudo scutil --set HostName" & [Value of Textbox]. I have the button event set up so that the command will be executed on click. Can someone assist in obtaining the value of the textbox so that it can be used in the command?

on ButtonHandlerVolumeSetting0_(sender)
    do shell script "sudo scutil --set HostName hostname123" 
end ButtonHandlerVolumeSetting0_
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I do not know the ApplescriptObjC syntax, however I do know objective-c. So here's a mix of obective-c and applescript. You'll need to put this in the proper format for ApplescriptObjC but it should show you the idea.

You need to have a reference to the text field somewhere in your code so setup an instance variable as an IBOutlet for that. Something like this in your "AppDelegate.h" file, then hook it up in interface builder using the AppDelegate controller.

IBOutlet NSTextField *textField;

Then in your method...

NSString *cmd = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"do scutil --set HostName %@", [textField stringValue]];
do shell script cmd
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