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I am having trouble with exporting a project I am working on that is calling internal classes that thread events by implementing runnable. It will work correctly in eclipse, but when exported, it will fail to initiate the internal classes. This only occurs with classes implementing runnable.

This only occurs in the exported jar format, but will work perfectly well within eclipse.

I'm calling the thread with:

new Thread(new SomeRunnable()).start();

Where SomeRunnable is

public class SomeRunnable implements Runnable {

public void run() {
    //Create a clip
    try {
        Clip clip;
        clip = AudioSystem.getClip();
        AudioInputStream audioIn = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(soundFile);
    } catch (LineUnavailableException e1) {
    } catch (UnsupportedAudioFileException e1) {
    } catch (IOException e1) {

When exported into runnable jar format, the program will start up correctly and display the GUI, but when it is told to run the thread SomeRunnable, it will do nothing, and not even enter the try catch statement, as it does not play a clip, nor does it exit the program. This shows that the jar isn't recognizing the class files and won't call them from the main method.

What would cause the jar to work differently than how eclipse handles the code?

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This just shouldn't happen. Maybe your export misses something. You can try remote debugging: eclipsezone.com/eclipse/forums/t53459.html or add some extra log messages. Can you see the inner classes in the exported jar? –  zeller Nov 30 '12 at 8:34
Yes, I took the jar file and and changed it to a zip file to look what was inside, and all the required files were there. I'll try that link, though. Thanks! –  user1865142 Nov 30 '12 at 14:22
I also have quite a few log messages and have nailed the problem to only be a major issue with classes implementing runnable. The program will recognize any other class that do not implement the feature. –  user1865142 Nov 30 '12 at 15:07
Try updating your Java... It might work. What version do you have? Also, try compiling the jar yourself with the jar tool in your JDK. –  Zove Games Nov 30 '12 at 18:20
I couldn't get the compiler to compile any classes at all, as it kept throwing NoClassDefFoundError, but that's another issue entirely. I'm running 1.7.0_09 –  user1865142 Dec 1 '12 at 9:21

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It turns out the actual solution was that I was storing my sound files inside the jar, thus my references to the directories were not working, because it had moved the directories. When the sound files were moved to outside of the jar, it worked and read the files and ran the threads.

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