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I am working on Login Form in perl. I wish to limit 3 times for invalid login attempts for 30 min. In which way shall I use. Give me some idea where to store the invalid login attempts.

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You could store login attempt times for each user in a separate table and query the table before allowing the user to log in. If the query reveals that there are three or more attempts in the last 30 minutes you could show the user a message saying they are locked out for a while. –  rlandster Dec 29 '12 at 1:10

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You have a few different options:

Cookies - least secure, as different browsers, clearing cookies, etc. can all impact this. Not recommend but listed for completeness.

Database - if you are using a database then you can create a table that records every failed login attempt. Within this table login_attempts you record the following values: date, username. Then during any attempted login you (pseudo SQL) SELECT COUNT(*) FROM login_attempts WHERE username = '$the_user_name' AND date BETWEEN '$now' AND '$now-30m'. If the returned value is >= 3, deny the login. Make sure you create a clustered index on username and date descending. If you are concerned about space then you can have a job that runs nightly and removes any records with dates older than, say, 8 hours. (Though left in tact this serves as an audit log.)

File system - this option is so Byzantine I'm not going to go in-depth describing it, assuming you have some sort of database backing store already in place. If you have to go this route, then it looks like the database solution, above, without the SELECT statement and likely involves user names as directories with a file containing each login attempt and where the (mtime + 30m < now) will have to be true to permit a successful login. You'd need to make sure you have mtime enabled for the disk of course, or record the time within the file.

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Thank u for ur reply. I prefer Database for invalid login attempt. –  user1852579 Nov 30 '12 at 6:03

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