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I have a page of my website that shows different content based on the following rules:

if a given cookie is not present then

-if referrer is internal then  
--show page 1  
--show page 2  
-show page 1 

The problem is, that particular page is occasionally accessed by the server itself (using php in tandem with a PDF API). Specifically, the code that requests that URL looks like this (and has to look like this):

$pdf = $client->convertURI('URL HERE')

When that accesses the page, page 2 always shows, because the referrer isn't there, nor is a cookie.

But, I need page 1 to always show...is there a flag or a way to always show page 1 when that particular URL is requested via the server?

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Add the logic to handle that situation -- no cookie, no referer. There isn't any show page 1 flag that I'm aware of. –  ultranaut Nov 30 '12 at 4:48
That logic is already there...no cookie, no referrer shows page 2. But when that page is requested for processing via the PDF api, I need to show page 1...hence the question. –  Learning Nov 30 '12 at 4:56

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If I understand you, you simply want to force the user to a page (page 1) under some condition that you are testing for. If that is correct, then this should suffice:

   access logic left to your discretion


if ($access != 'granted') 
   header('Location: http://www.example.com/page1');
   exit(); // for clarity

/******* logic continued for "page 2" or whatever *****/
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just to be clear there isn't anything magic about the variable "$access" or the value 'granted'. You will modify that to suite your needs. –  ChronoFish Nov 30 '12 at 4:53
That's where the problem is though. If there is no cookie, and the referrer isn't internal or doesn't exist, I need to show the user page 2. It just so happens those same exact conditions exist when requesting that page for processing for the PDF API, which is why I was wondering if there was any extra "condition" that requesting a URL programatically presents. –  Learning Nov 30 '12 at 4:58
So you're asking how to get around a required cookie? Your server can't tell who is on the other side. It's just an HTTP request (via a browser or otherwise). Can you reverse your logic? Add a flag (condition) that triggers the PDF API - when not present go to Page 2 instead.... –  ChronoFish Nov 30 '12 at 5:06

I ended up figuring out a solution, partly due to "ChronoFish's" comment of "can you reverse your logic"...although not directly.

The solution I came up with, is very simple, and I'm mad I didn't think of it before.

Alright, site works like this:

User visits URL 1 - on URL 1, if a user has no given cookie present and their referrer is not internal or is blank, they are shown URL 2. If a user arriving at URL 1 has a given cookie present or their referrer is internal, they are shown URL 1. This is all in my original question.

The problem I was having, was that a PDF API also requests URL 1, and a server side call like that has no cookie or referrer...so the PDF API was having content from URL 2 returned to it instead of the content from URL 1 which is what was needed.

How the PDF API was called, was using this:

$pdf = $client->convertURI('URL 1 HERE')  

Well, all I did was add a variable to the URL so where URL 1 here is, the URL now reads like this:


Then, on URL 1, I added an additional bit of logic:

$server = $_GET["server"];
if ($server == 'yes')
then show URL 1

And then the rest of my original code within an additional else statement.

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