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I'm wondering if there's an easy or preferred method to achieve the following workflow using JIRA and Subversion:

I'm not sure which approach is better, but I would be fine with either one:

a) Developer Commits BUG-321 to SVN with bug # in commit comment, 
   which automatically transitions the issue's workflow state to "resolved"


b) In JIRA, the developer attempts to transition BUG-321 to "resolved", 
   which triggers an event that forces the developer to commit code first 
   before the transition can happen

NOTE -- The main goal is to get the build number back from subversion and put it into a field of the bug once it's marked as resolved, so I can automatically let our QA people know which build number a bug was fixed in.

Is this something I can easily achieve?

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a) can be done rather easy with *-commit hook, which interact with Jira, using it's API

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Can you point me to instructions for how to do this? –  Adam Levitt Nov 30 '12 at 15:52

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