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I was testing around with the jQuery's drag and drop feature, and I am getting the following error in the JSconsole:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'options' of undefined 

I am trying to do a board game that you move pieces around, basically, like this:

  • The board is a table, empty squares are empty <td></td>
  • the non-empty TDs have <div class="..."></div> inside, the div class is either drag or nodrag (depending on whose turn is)
  • When dragging, what jQuery does is to give position relative and adjust the top/left
  • When dropping, what I am doing is to get the old and new squares, and use appendTo(), and in the case there is a div, I first remove() it
  • After a valid drop, I toggle the classes drag and nodrag, first removing the droppable attribute, then adding this to the new draggable

Here is the two crucial parts of the code (and here a jsFidle):

function toggleDrag(){
    //remove the (old) draggables
    if($(".drag").data("draggable")){//prevent crash when nobody is draggable

    //swapp classes
    var tmp=$(".drag");
    var tmp2=$(".nodrag");

    //make the (new) draggables

and inside every square (<td>):

        var tar=$(this);
        var xdiv=$("#"+tar.attr("id")+" div");

        //if the square is not empty
            xdiv.remove();//remove piece

        //I removed styles to reset Top/Left to 0
        //append_TO_ moves the div

        //I call the toggler funcion

Note: I am well aware that if you drop the piece in the same square that it was dragged, really bad things happen, in my full code I sanitize the droppables to only allow legal moves

Any ideas why this perfectly working code is triggering this console error?

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You're seeing this error because destroying the draggable element inside the drop handler (apparently) isn't allowed.

One hacky way to work around this is to replace


inside your drop handler with

setTimeout(toggleDrag, 0);
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I am sorry to unaccept, but I found a better solution which not only look less hacky, but it also prevents the error when a piece is slowly returning after an invalid placement and quickly moving before it returned (and your timeout didn't solve this part). –  ajax333221 Nov 30 '12 at 7:20

After some more testing, I concluded that the stop: of draggables are triggered after the drop: of droppables, so I just moved toggleDrag() to here:

    //... ,
        toggleDrag(); //a check is needed to make sure it was dropped on dropables though

The old problem was also triggered if you dropped a piece outside the board (and while it was slowly returning) and you quickly move other piece. This fixes this too.

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