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I have a query in which I am subtracting two dates but I am getting error. Here is the query

select LOSA_APP.app_ref_no AS "App.Ref.No.", 
       CODE_BRANCH.branch_name AS "Business Unit",
       :endDate - LOSA_APP_Z.li_dt AS "Day Count",.
 from losa_app LOSA_APP
   ON LOSA_APP.attend_branch = CODE_BRANCH.branch_id
where LOSA_APP.app_status='A'; -- Application Status in {‘accepted’} 

But I am getting error that

ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected CHAR got DATE
00932. 00000 -  "inconsistent datatypes: expected %s got %s"

What i am doing wrong?

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The :endDate bind variable is the cause of the error. Try to explicitly convert :endDate value to a value of date datatype using to_date function. For example:


 to_date(:endDate, 'dd.mm.yyyy') - LOSA_APP_Z.li_dt AS "Day Count",

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