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First of all sorry if this is a repost or is found to be duplicate.

I'm about to install sharepoint 2010 in my laptop for development. I'm using a laptop with win 7 64-bit with 8GB RAM, with vs 2010 installed.

I'm having SP2010 with SP1 standard license.

Have went to lot of pre-requisite advisory pages but haven't got a satisfactory/complete answer and hence decided to pen down my doubts here.

Below are my queries

  • Can i start by auto-running the CD (sorry if it sounds a lot stupid. kindly take note that i'm at beginning stage of SP2010 with VS programming background).

  • Can i connect to sql server 2005 (32-bit) from sp2010 after installation for programming. Is it possible technically.

  • Should i need to install sql 2005/2008 (64-bit) before installing SP2010 or can i install it after completing installation of SP2010.

PLEASE provide pointers if any so that i can have a hiccup free, successful installation of sp2010.


Have downloaded a bunch of files from the below url


Can anyone advise which virtual machine i should use to run the vhd image for sp2010

Thanks :)

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Installing on Windows 7 is not recommended and tends to run into some incompatibilities. Can you use a virtual machine? Here is a link which is useful for Win 7 installation.

Answering your questions:

  1. You can install from the DVD or a mounted Image.
  2. You can use SQL 2005 but only 64Bit.
  3. You should install SQL server before installing SharePoint so it will be more automated
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kravits- thanks:). Can you advise me on where to get one. is it available at no or less cost? –  Later Nov 30 '12 at 7:07
Looks like you have downloaded some VHDs. I have never used these but you need a server which runs Hyper-V I think. Install guide here. I would recommend just installing windows server 2008r2/2012, SQL server and sharepoint manually on Vm software like VMware or VirtualBox(Free). –  kravits88 Dec 4 '12 at 22:19

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