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How to find ICCID of SIM in Android device connected to Linux PC using command? (Either adb command or C program which will run on my Linux PC)

I have connected my Android device(with SIM) to my Linux PC. I want to know ICCID of SIM in Andorid phone.

I can get the ICCID using getSimSerialNumber() when used in Android Application. But I dont want to run Android App on phone; Instead, I want to get the ICCID using my Linux PC only. i.e. Either by using adb command or running a C program in my PC. How can I do it? Can I use getSimSerialNumber() somehow in C program or any adb command by firing any intent or such??

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If you have rooted device you could try running

service call iphonesubinfo 4

On some devices it could be service call iphonesubinfo 5 depending on the value of TRANSACTION_getIccSerialNumber - so check both.

Also you could try pulling the value from settings database - it might be cached there:

content query --uri content://settings/secure --projection name:value --where "name='SimIccId'"
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If you can do this from an app, and adb is enabled, then you can install a simple app, launch it with an intent from the am command, and if desired uninstall it again. The app could report the result by creating a temporary file, and you could just grep it out of the logcat.

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