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I want to know how are low level I/O operations defined in google cloud SQL, as for their data store they have defined that for one INSERT or UPDATE there are several low level I/O operations that are performed. Is that same for SQL, If yes what are these, Also if my data is replicated across several servers in cloudSQL, will I be paying the cost of replication, for e.g If my data is spread across 5 servers so will my 1 insert euqals to five I/O operations?

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An op is defined as a call to read() or fsync(). write() can also trigger an op if there is a lot of buffered data. You can run mysqld under strace to get an idea of how many ops a query would trigger. For example, a simple query like


would roughly generate

write(logfile, 42);
write(datafile, 42);

So that would count as two ops. Replication is included in the cost, so this counts as just two ops, not 2 * num_replicas.

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