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In my context.xml file I set the following to: <Context antiJARLocking="true" path="/" />

When I run my project from NetBeans then it works correctly and goes to http://localhost:8080/login. Then when I clean & build and go into Tomcat Manager and deploy the war file, for some reason it goes to http://localhost:8080/appName/login. I'm not sure why it's adding the context path or where it even gets it from but when ever I deploy it manually it does that. When ever I run the project directly from Netbeans then it doesn't. After I run it directly from NetBeans, if I go to Tomcat Manager then it shows the app deployed under context path / which is correct. When I deploy the .war manually then it deploys under context path /appName

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It sounds like you are building your war file as "appName.war". That is the reason tomcat deploys it under "/appName".

If you want your application accessible at /, you can rename your war file as ROOT.war and drop it in /webapps and it should be accessible at http : //localhost:8080/

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Thanks a lot, it works – ThreaT Nov 30 '12 at 7:13

Some apps are written such that changing the context path would require code changes. If you have that situation here is another way to make your server default to a specific context:

Step 1) Put this in [tomcat]/conf/web.xml


Step 2) Add this file to your ROOT webapp folder, and leave everything else the same: index.html (for root app). Using this javascript approach rather than a normal redirect, allows the 'redirection' to work AND KEEP the same url parameters.

<!doctype html>

<script language="JavaScript">
    document.location.href = "/mycontext" +;


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