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I'm writing an ActiveX control for a web page using MFC. When the explorer is closing, some resource need to be released BEFORE the control's main window being destroyed. I did some search and found that an overrided COleControl::OnClose(DWORD dwSaveOption) function should be a good place to do the releasing job. So I did the following changes to my code:

  1. Add the following line to my control's declaration in the header file:

    virtual void OnClose(DWORD dwSaveOption);
  2. Add the following lines to my control's implement file:

    void MyControl::OnClose(DWORD dwSaveOption)
        // some code that do relesing job

I think that when closing the explorer, MyControl::OnClose should being executed, but it's not. Did I miss anything to correctly override the function or OnClose function is not the right place to do that?

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I personally override COleControl::OnDestroy() for cleanup. Are you missing some kind of event sink registration call to enable the Close? Or a dispatch map entry?

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