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I'm new in iOS development, and I faced an issue with amazon.

I wanna gain information about amazon products with amazon web servises. I wanna enter the keyword and get information about proper products.

I looked at http://aws.amazon.com/mobile/ and saw that I should register. During the registration Amazon asked me about my Visa card information and then tried to withdraw 1 dollar.

The questions are:

  1. Should I pay for amazon web services
  2. Is it compulsory to register or I can just download Amazon sdk from http://aws.amazon.com/sdkforios/
  3. Can you give some Amazon sdk code examples?
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  • AWS is paid service. So, it's not a matter whether you should or not pay for using AWS. You MUST pay for the capacity you have used.

The pricing differs between the various services and is typically listed in http://aws.amazon.com/<service name>/pricing/. Here are couple of examples - EC2, S3.

Note that for some of the services there is a free tier for about a year, as long as you stay under certain amount of usage. So, while you WILL get a bill every month, that bill might be for $0.

More about the AWS Free Usage Tier.

  • You can download the client SDKs freely and write code against it. However, to actually run it against AWS, you will need AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key, so that AWS servers can authenticate the requests from your application (and incidentally also bil you properly for your usage).

  • You should start with the Getting Started with the AWS SDK for iOS and the AWS SDK for iOS FAQs. The SDK also contains bunch of sample apps into the <SDK install folder>/samples folder.


Ah, you want to search the Amazon catalog? That's different from AWS. AWS is intended to provide you access to computing resources (storage, CPU, load balancing, and so on) for your own services. For your scenario you need to use the Amazon Affiliate Program Product Advertising API.

While that API does share credentials with AWS (it uses the AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key), it most likely is free (but double check to be sure), as amazon will be making money on any product your users buy.

Also, the Product Advertising API does not have client SDKs (as far as I know), so you will have to deal with making the HTTP requests yourself. The API supports both REST and SOAP, so you can choose your own poison. There's also bunch of samples for both server and client apps, in PHP, C#, Java, Node.js, Ruby, and so on.

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thank you, it's cool answer. But what I want is to enter the keyword "iphone", for example, and get some iphone products on amazon with its description and price; you said about paying only for amout of usage, what does it mean: I don't understand, because I'm not going to save information on Amazon, I just wanna get information about amazon products through amazon web servises –  Venil Aminovich Nov 30 '12 at 7:23

AWS is great! Its totally worth the price. So you can download the AWS iOS SDK and integrate it into your project; however, before it will work you need to signup. I would give you some examples but I don't fully understand what you're asking. The AWS iOS SDK has tons of code samples in it. If you want, you can comment on this post what you want to use AWS for and then I can help you come up with the code to achieve it :) I hope you have fun with iOS Development, its great :)

Good Luck!

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1) I want to enter the keywork "iphone" and get some iphone products on amazon with its description and price; 2) I'm interesting in price: should I pay for each request or may be I should pay monthly, and where can I find the price list –  Venil Aminovich Nov 30 '12 at 7:14
Sometimes your bills might surprise you - we must be very careful on how we use AWS. –  Roman Newaza Nov 30 '12 at 9:59

Are you maybe confusing Amazon web services with a request API? You said:

I want to enter the keywork "iphone" and get some iphone products on amazon with its description and price

That is what an amazon web API would do (from this question, I understand there is maybe no such thing for Amazon?). AWS is a cloud service where you can run your programs and pay according to the resources you use. Think of that as a web host.

All in all, AWS is not directly related to Amazon content, if I understood correctly this is not what you want.

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  1. Yes of course you have to pay.
  2. You can download it without registration, but you have to register to use it.
  3. There is Documentation in AWS SDK for iOS.
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for example, to use ebay web services I shouldn't pay. How much should I pay? Should I pay for request number or monthly? Where can I get the price list? –  Venil Aminovich Nov 30 '12 at 7:02
Amazon charges almost for everything. They will charge you for requests also. There're many things you should read about (how to save costs, for example). And prices info could be found here: aws.amazon.com/pricing –  Roman Newaza Nov 30 '12 at 9:50

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