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How can I make a QR code, that when scanned - automatically likes a page, if it wasn't already liked, whether in a browser or the Facebook app? I'm not talking about legal issues now, just technically, how is it possible?

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Do you want a QR code for a specific page or for any page? –  hakkikonu Nov 30 '12 at 7:52
For a specific page. –  Igal Nov 30 '12 at 7:53

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There's no API available to do this. Best you could do is have it open the page.

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Yeah, I thought so too. It's just yesterday I scanned some code, it took me to some company's page and I saw that I automatically liked them. So I wanted to see how it works. So I created a QR code with a link to some other company's FB page, which I know for sure I never liked, and when I scanned that code - I see that page is liked. But when I check my account - I don't see that I liked that page. Something's really weird here... –  Igal Nov 30 '12 at 8:31

First, you should find a QR code generator site like given by me(or you can write with java) after that go

1:A free QR code generator site Then

2: and generate a like button. (it is at first, after click Get Code. In opened window click to URL and copy it to QR code site's url area than create your QR code for facebok like.

Note: While generating a like button at facebook page inactive Send Button option. That is important for generating Url

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Well, it generated the button, I saw it in my browser after scanning the code, but it didn't do automatic liking. I guess it really is impossible. Still, thank you! –  Igal Nov 30 '12 at 8:26

I like the generator with different social and link type on Its ok, since you have many options, even though the size is very small.

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The free QR code generator I use for this task is:

It actually opens a button in their phone's browser for them to click like. On Android, you have to choose open in browser though, so it's not perfect.

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It actually opens a button in their phone browser in order to enable them to click 'like'. On Android, you have to choose open in the browser though, so it's not perfect.

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