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There is a button in my application, which on click opens up a new window.

How can I verify the text in a new window?

I am using selenium web driver and Firefox browser.

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You can do it with two ways.

1st use method



driver.switchTo().window("New Widnow tile")

Pass new window title as Parameter.

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public String y[][];
public int size,i=0;

public void Get_Windows**`strong text`**()
    Set<String> Handle = driver.getWindowHandles();
    size= Handle.size();
    String[] Temp = Handle.toArray(new String[size]);
    String Tab_Id_Container[][]=new String[size][size];

        System.out.println("Page name : "+Tab_Id_Container[i][0]);
        System.out.println("Hex value : "+Tab_Id_Container[1][i]);


Try this one modify for your use

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