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Hi everyone i have this Grails Code:

free_search = ReportFree.createCriteria().list {
            or {
                    ilike("description", "%${}%")
                    ilike("type", "%${}%")
                    debitor {
                        and {
                            'in'('id', session.position?: 'VMD000000')
                            ilike("NAME", "%${}%")
        eq('open', true)
        eq('copy', true)


I thought i get the following SQL from this:

    select rf.* from report_free

    inner join report r on rf.report_reportid = r.reportid and rf.report_type=b.type 
    inner join debitor deb on deb.CODE_ID=b.debitor 

    where (
      b.description like '%something to search%' 
      or b.type like '%something to search%' 
      or (
       deb.NAME like '%something to search%' and deb.CODE_ID in (List of Deb)
    and and rf.copy=1`

But it dont work. I get an empty list.

I turned on SQL - Loggin to true. Grails outputs the following Statement:

I replaced "this" and "?"

left outer join
        on report_free.report_reportid=report.reportid 
        and report_free.report_type=report.type
left outer join
        on debitor.CODE_ID=report.debitor 
            lower(report_free.description) like '%SOMETHING TO SEARCH%' 
            and lower(report.type) like '%SOMETHING TO SEARCH%'
            and (
                   debitor.CODE_ID in (
                        'LIST OF ELEMENTS'
                    and lower(debitor.NAME) like '%SOMETHING TO SEARCH%'
    and report_free.copy=1

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem


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What is the logic of your query? If you can lay it here, then someone might be able to help you... – bonCodigo Nov 30 '12 at 8:04
i want so search if one or more ilike statements have the given paramater as result. sample: ilike value1 '%tree%' or ilike value2 '%tree%' – Max Jando Nov 30 '12 at 8:10
What happens if you put the or inside report? – Sérgio Michels Nov 30 '12 at 11:42

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