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E.g. config:

default:      some/xml/path: value_1
storeview_5:  some/xml/path: other_value

Now fetching:

// store 5
Mage::getStoreConfig('some/xml/path'); // >> other_value
// store 1
Mage::getStoreConfig('some/xml/path'); // >> value 1 (inherited from default)

I wish to know that storeview_1 has not its own config.

The best would be a method for fetching of config tree like:

default     => value_1
website_1   => website_value
storeview_1 => storeview_1_value
storeview_5 => other_value 
// omits empty configs for others or null them, etc.
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the method getStoreConfig also accepts an optional store id, so just pass the store id as a second parameter Mage::getStoreConfig('some/xml/path', $store_id);

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