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I keep getting this error: 'DAL' object has no attribute 'event_instance'

it points to my db_agents file as the culprit on this line:

('event_instance_id', db.event_instance)

However if I move the definition of the event_instance table to that db_agents model file the error disappears, but I get a new one referering to another FKey in the event_instance tbl. Is there a way to avoid having all my db.define_tables in the same file, I would like to keep them separate.

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You can do:

Field('event_instance_id', 'reference event_instance')

Using that alternative syntax, it is not necessary for the "event_instance" table to be defined already.

Also, note that model files are executed in alphabetical order, so your original code will work as long as the "event_instance" table is defined in a model file that comes earlier in alphabetical order.

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I get a different error now,even though I exclusively use 'references' in foreign key definations. I thought it doesn't matter which order I define table as long as I use references instead of db.tbl. – samaras Dec 4 '12 at 7:51
Then you must be doing something else wrong. If you use the above syntax, you do not have to have the event_instance table defined already. It's impossible to say what your problem is if you show neither the code nor the error you are receiving. – Anthony Dec 4 '12 at 18:22

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