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I would like to switch views according to a html events : typically a tap on a mapped image.

I went trough this post. It explains how to get the href value by adding a listener on the html element. I have succesfully performed this step.

Next step is to switch to the correct view. Typically, if href = "item1" then I want to switch to view "item1"... I do not really get how to perform this.

Code for html element in my view :

<img class="map" src="folder/name_pic.jpg" ...usemap='#MapName' />
    <map name='#MapName' ...>
        <area shape=...... href="view1" />
        <area shape=...... href="view2" />
        <area shape=...... href="view3" />

Code in the parent Tab panel :

    tap: function(e){

        var href = Ext.fly(e.getTarget(

        // What goes HERE?
        // if (href == 'view1')
        //     display 'view1'...
delegate: 'img.map'
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you can do this using a sample code shown below, you might have to modify it for your application design, but this is the general way

Tapped: function() {
        // When the user taps on this item, create a new reference new viw, 
        // and set  it as the active item

        Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem(Ext.create('Your new view Goes here'));


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Thanks but how to make the difference on which part of the pic is tapped? I think about using the "routes" solution in the controller. –  Lauraire Jérémy Dec 13 '12 at 22:17
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I have successfully achieved my goal using "routes" solution in a controller.

First I define my mapped picture as follow :

<img class="map" src="folder/name_pic.jpg" ...usemap='#MapName' />
     <map name='#MapName' ...>
         <area shape=...... href="/#view1" />
         <area shape=...... href="/#view2" />
         <area shape=...... href="/#view3" />

And then in a Controller.js :

config: {
    routes: {
        'view1': 'showView1',
        'view2': 'showView2',
        'view3': 'showView3'
[...... code here...]

showView1: function() {

        xtype: 'view1'
showView2: function() {

        xtype: 'view2'

That works but does not seem optimal for me. I'll keep working on that!

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