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Azure billing is based on the size of used space. Now I need to know the details. What is the size of each storage object in my storage (blob container, single table)?

It's easy to write a code that enumerates all blobs and calculates the overall size per container. But what about tables? How can I get the size of a certain table in Azure storage?

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If you're not interested in getting a breakup by blob container, you don't have to write the code as far as finding the blob storage size is concerned. This information is available to you via storage analytics ( The table of interest to you would be $MetricsCapacityBlob (

Coming to tables, unfortunately no such thing is available and you would need to fetch all entities and calculate the size of each entity to find the table size. You may find this blog post useful in calculating the size of an entity:


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If a rough estimate is enough for table size, you could 1) query for a single row, 2) calculate the size of the row given the data above (assuming most rows are similar in size), 3) query all rows for a single column (say, Timestamp) to get a count of rows, 4) multiply results from 2) and 3). Again, this is a rough estimate but at least it doesn't require retrieving all data from the table. – kreinsch Mar 3 at 18:45

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