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forexample, I have this url:


How can I use PHP code so that it returns Fairytale. all the things before Fairytale and after that .mp3 should be removed.

the idetifier are / and .mp3 only the file name should be returned.

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Use pathinfo() Function

$url = "http://example.com/file_name.mp3";
$f = pathinfo($url);
echo $f[filename]; // File name
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How about something like this:

$url = "http://adstorage.jamba.net/storage/view/325/0/fa/Fairytale.mp3";

$parts = parse_url($url);
$path_parts = explode('/', $parts['path']);
list($name, $extension) = explode(".", $path_parts[count($path_parts) - 1]);
echo $name;

This is probably overkill, and this thing could be done with a simple regex like:

preg_match("#.*/(\w+)\.\w+#", $url, $matches);
echo $matches[1];
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Use pathinfo Function


$url = "http://adstorage.jamba.net/storage/view/325/0/fa/Fairytale.mp3";

$f = pathinfo($url);

echo $f[filename]; // File name Fairytale

print_r(pathinfo($url)); // File Array

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Ah, pathinfo, I forgot about that one. This is probably the best choice. –  sberry Nov 30 '12 at 9:16

You can tryit with:

$input = 'http://adstorage.jamba.net/storage/view/325/0/fa/Fairytale.mp3';
echo current(explode('.', basename($input)));
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Try in one line, $input being yout url (php 5.4) :

$name = explode('.',array_slice(explode('/',$input), -1, 1))[0];
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