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I've for example a few commits:

  • v1.2.3 (tag)
  • master (branch)
  • release/1.2 (branch)
  • 12345af (SHA-1 of a commit)
  • ...

Is it possible to have graph log linking those that would let me quickly see the order and relations. Something like:

* f000000 - (master) Blabla
| ...
| | ...
| * f000000 - (refs/remotes/origin/release/1.2) Blabla
| | ...
* | 12345af - Blabla
| | ...
| * f000000 - (refs/tags/v1.2.3) Blabla

How to hide the other commits (unlike simple git --graph --online ...). There is git branch --contains ... which helps a lot but doesn't tell if a tag is before or after a commit, and/or if a tag "contains" that commit.

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Have you tried the switch "--simplify-by-decoration" ? With this switch only commits related to a branch or tag are shown.

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It's a nice helper but doesn't answer the question (which may have no answers at this time). We just have too many tags and quiet some branches. –  Wernight Dec 10 '12 at 10:04

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