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I'm trying to access some Scilab functions from my c++ project. I'm working on win7. My question is how can I do that.? for ex.

function  [r] = fun(a,b)
   r =a+b;

How can I tell my C++ project, it's should run the Scilab function "fun" and gives the parameter a=4 , b=9. so that I get their value.

if somebody did this for Matlab, I think this will be the same here(without using its engine).

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You will need the Scilab runtime aside but call_scilab is probably what you are looking for: http://help.scilab.org/docs/current/en_US/call_scilab.html

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A lead would be to use Julia that is quite similar to MATLAB. I'm not sure it's possible yet to compile to a library. The project is based on LLVM so maybe you can generated C code and integrate it with your code.

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looks interesting I'll, if get this with it done. thanks so much –  Engine Dec 3 '12 at 10:07

For Matlab, you can use Matlap compiler, you should be able find some example on the Matlab website.

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