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Of course, there is always an possibility to get in, I guess.

But how far can you go with securing a website, and how safe will it finally be? Can you guarantee nobody without the right authorisation gets in, or can you never be sure enough?

I'm curious to your answers!

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You answered the question on the first line of your question. – Cerbrus Nov 30 '12 at 9:52
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Everything designed by humans can be cracked by humans. The right way to do it, is to do risk management, where risk = damage * probability . Make sure you have backups and you can handle a break-in without going bankrupt. Bruce Schneier has written a lot about security and how to handle it correctly. A valuable place to start is his blog. This post might be of interest for you.

(Btw, this is off-topic and belongs somewhere else)

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I read a book recently that talking about web security, it is really a good starting point if you want to know more on security: The Title is "Tangled Web; A Guide to Securing Modern Web Applications" by Michal Zalewski

If you want an answer, I think that a web site is not secure by default, there are so many technologies around a web site: - web server - scripting (php, javascript, many years ago applet java) - databases - CSS, XHTML, HTML5

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