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I've defined 3 groups in my Guardfile, and I know I can use the -g parameter to run only the given groups.

But since I mostly want to run Guard with two specific groups: Is it possible to run these groups by default, without the parameter?

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This is currently not possible with Guard, but some workaround comes to mind:

Create an alias that evaluates only a specific group:

$ alias guard=guard -g default

Now only the group default group is used, but you can overwrite it:

$ guard -g other

You can also split your Guardfile, having your common plugins in it and extract the seldom used into another file, which you can use:

$ guard -G Otherfile

Since I also have the need for a better group management, I've planned to extend Guard to allow you to define the default groups in your Guardfile and add/remove more groups from the list of active groups from within the interactor.

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Use this to assign a scope to your Guardfile:

scope groups: [:specs, :rake]

With that you are specifying the default set of groups to run. In this example group "rake" and "specs"

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