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I am using fuzzyfinder for vim, and I would like the popup to start a new window on the bottom of the terminal rather on the top. This behaviour would be similar to the CtrlP plugin and default ido-mode in emacs. I cannot find any customization variables for this. Any ideas?

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You're right, there is none; you'd either have to ask the plugin author to provide for such an option, or just pragmatically change the source code. (As there doesn't seem to be a lot if any development for FuzzyFinder, this isn't that bad an option, and you can always do the first option, too.)

I think the change has to be done in ~/.vim/autoload/l9/tempbuffer.vim; change the second line from:

function l9#tempbuffer#openScratch(bufname, filetype, lines, topleft, vertical, height, listener)
  let openCmdPrefix = (a:topleft ? 'topleft ' : '')


  let openCmdPrefix = (a:topleft ? 'botright ' : '')
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Thanks Ingo, this hack worked fine :) – danr Nov 30 '12 at 11:12

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