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Always i get "Source file not readable or exists, please check the file " for the below code. I use cygwin in my windows machine to run the script. I am getting the same message even when the file is present in the location. How can i get more details as why the file is not readable.

# Scanning source file for existance and readable
if [ -f "$file_loc" -a -r "$file_loc"]
    print "Source file read.\n"
    print "Source file not readable or exists, please check the file $file_loc.\n"
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For a start, try breaking down the problem: is it the -f or the -r test that's failing, for example? –  me_and Nov 30 '12 at 16:01
Both ksh93 and bash give me a missing ']' or ']' missing. Which shell did you use? –  Henk Langeveld Nov 30 '12 at 19:42
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A space before the closing bracket is needed:

if [ -f "$file_loc" -a -r "$file_loc" ]
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file_loc="abc.xml" && (< ${file_loc:?})

is an alternative check. An advantage is that it returns different messages for different errors; we let the shell do all the work.

How is this constructed? This single line can trigger at least three different messages:

The ${ varname :? optional message } syntax will check for undefined variables, which can signal a typo in the variable name.

(< ${file_lo:?} )

-bash: file_lo: parameter null or not set

(< filename ) will just attempt to open and close the file.

$ (< nonesuch ) && echo ok

-bash: nonesuch: No such file or directory

$ (< /etc/shadow ) && echo ok

-bash: /etc/shadow: Permission denied

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