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My dhtmlxgrid view looks like the below mentioned.Using Json data.

code    desc         Qtytype    w1  w2

Part A  Part A desc   Demand    100 200
                      issued    150 100
                       stock    200 200
                       F/C  100 250     
Part B  Part B desc   Demand    100 200
                      issued    200 100
                       stock    300 200
                        F/C     100 250 

I want to apply the rowsapn and colspan cell level.Kindly anyone suggest how to apply span in the cell level to make the view aboved.Thanks in advance.

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There are two ways

a) after data loading you can use js api to make necessary col and rowspans

grid.load("some.url", function(){
    grid.setRowspan(1,0,4) //1 - id of row 
    grid.setRowspan(1,1,4) //1 - id of row 

b) you can define rowspans directly in data, in case of xml it will be

<row id="1"><cell rowspan="4">Part A</cell>

as far as I know the similar syntax must be available for json, but it is buggy in current version (3.5) and works for xml only.

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i want to apply rowspan in json data similar to xml format specfied. – Abdul Dec 3 '12 at 11:40
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After Data loaded you can apply like this

   if(ind <= 3){

4 denotes how many row you need to apply. 3 denotes how many coloumn rowspan should be applied.

Note -- Id should be starts from the multiple of 4. based on the no of row the value of id varied ex.3 means id should start with multiple of 3.

Thank you.

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